Episode 21 – Fernando Albertorio and the SUNU Assistive Band for the Visually Impaired

In this Innovator’s Pod interview we learn about SUNU and their new assistive technology, wearable band for the visually impaired.

Fernando Albertorio

Fernando Albertorio shows us the SUNU band at #MIN76

We tried the band and can attest that the haptic feedback to your wrist can make an incredible guide. A Mass Challenge winner, SUNU is a startup to follow.



Episode 20 – Innovator’s Pod with PlayLocal.com

We chat with Brent Colson of PlayLocal.com, a player matching and reservations service for public sporting facilities. Find tennis partners and reserve courts is the obvious application where they are already gaining ground.



Episode 19 – Michael Neece of Jenyta Market

Today we setup shop at Mass Innovation Nights #MIN75, held at Google Cambridge. This short podcast is with Michael Neece of Jenyta Market, an enterprise level, process and people organizational tool. Enjoy

Jenyta Market


Episode 17 – TalkItt from VoiceItt for Speech

VoiceItt is developing apps to allow those without a clear voice, to speak. Stroke victims, early stage ALS patients and Autistic kids come to mind. Very interesting podcast.


Episode 16 – ItsGr82beMe Events for Kids and Families

It’s Great to be me when I get to interview folks like Michael Webb. Its Gr8 2 Be me is a national real time self serve event calendar offering one central location to find things to do, places to go, products and services centered on family. ITSGR82BEME.COM


Episode 14 – Gleamfire for Water Conservation

Gleamfire is an innovative new device which saves and filters water for DIY car washers concerned with water conservation. Very cool and environmentally forward thinking.


Episode 13 – Matthew Mausner of Woxxer

Woxxer is a new and innovative approach to online shopper opinion research. Live and multi-faceted, Woxxer captures rich & nuanced data on what your audience thinks, allowing you to generate business driven insights. In this episode we meet with Matthew during Mass Innovation Nights #MIN74


Episode 12 – Valerie Nogueira talks about Circuit Scribe

ElectronInks, Valerie Nogueira fills us in on the incredible “Circuit Scribe” pen and kits. The pen uses conductive ink to draw circuits and through a partnership with Autodesk and 123D, the ability to test and play. You can play with Circuit Scribe this weekend at the Bay Area Maker Faire