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Episode 1 – Gary Grimard of Sun LifeLight

Gary Grimard

Gary Grimard

Gary Grimard

Founder & CEO: More than 25 Years of technology leadership experience including business development, sales, marketing, product innovation and start-up methodology. Gary’s experience includes ownership of a technology sales firm he led to over $225M in annual sales. His efforts with Sun Lifelight are centered around the product architecture, leading the development and manufacturing resources along with fundraising, marketing, orchestrating the go-to-market strategy and building the team.

Sun LifeLight is on a mission to create healthy, fun, exciting, energetic and productive work environments by bringing sunshine into everyone’s life. We build smart, personal lighting systems that pack the colored light spectrum of a bright, sunlit sky into a fixture used as you would an ordinary desk lamp but controlled and manged by a learning mobile app that recommends the optimum amount of sun for every individual’s maximum benefit.

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