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Episode 19 – Michael Neece of Jenyta Market

Today we setup shop at Mass Innovation Nights #MIN75, held at Google Cambridge. This short podcast is with Michael Neece of Jenyta Market, an enterprise level, process and people organizational tool. Enjoy

Jenyta Market


Episode 17 – TalkItt from VoiceItt for Speech

VoiceItt is developing apps to allow those without a clear voice, to speak. Stroke victims, early stage ALS patients and Autistic kids come to mind. Very interesting podcast.


Episode 10 – Dr. Joe Cohen Live from London

Friday May 1 – 5 PM Eastern. Watch live here or come to the hangout page to join in the Q&A Hangout on Air Event Page on Google +

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Annual Conference is April 28 – 30 in Birmingham UK. Our friend Dr. Joe Cohen is attending and has graciously agreed to give us a recap of the proceedings. Like many #healthcare  conferences, this too will have much discussion of #mHealth and as the founder of +kiddoEMR, Dr. Joe provides rich insight into where things are headed.


Episode 9 – Sergey Kudryavtsev of Connections.VC

Today we met with Sergey who told us about his team and his app for the networkers trying to keep all those connections in order.

Connections – the app that allows you to build, maintain, and manage reliable relationships with people you need to know.

We hope you find today’s podcast worthwhile


Shorts – Interview with YiDing Yu, MD Twiage EMS

Twiage has an app for EMTs and Hospitals to improve communication between the ambulance and ER. At the April 23, 2015 Google Wearables in Healthcare Pilot Challenge, we had the pleasure of sitting down with YiDing Yu to learn about the Twiage app for ambulance to ER communications.

Show Notes: 

Contact YiDing Yu – @yidingyu @twiagemed

The app is designed from the experience of both ER doctors and ambulance riding EMS professionals.  It improves communications and diagnosis between the intransit ambulance and the hospital.

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Episode 7 – BAMG & Code Kitchen Recap with Dr. Joe and Kata Rina

Recorded live on April 7, 2015. We all could not be in DC for the Easter weekend events, so our friends will fill us in on everything we missed. First there was the Code Kitchen Hackathon followed by the evening, river boat cruise along the Potomac. I especially look forward to hearing about the Women TechMakers gathered under the GDG Baltimore flag. #AndroidBBQ

The podcast will be published on the 8th.


#AndroidBBQ #BAMG #KiddoEMr


Episode 5: Joshua Raymond of One Good Act

OGA lets you easily create, manage and measure video challenge fundraiser campaigns. An app for Nonprofit’s to actually track challenges like last year’s Ice Bucket Challenge.


Show Notes:

Josh Raymond

One Good Act