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Episode 10 – Dr Joe Cohen live from London

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Annual Conference is April 28 – 30 in Birmingham UK. Our friend Dr. Joe Cohen is attending and has graciously agreed to give us a recap of the proceedings. Like many #healthcare  conferences, this too will have much discussion of #mHealth and as the founder of +kiddoEMR, Dr. Joe provides rich insight into where things are headed.

Joe also spent some playtime at the Google Store. Here is his Google+ post and photos


Episode 7 – BAMG & Code Kitchen Recap with Dr. Joe and Kata Rina

Recorded live on April 7, 2015. We all could not be in DC for the Easter weekend events, so our friends will fill us in on everything we missed. First there was the Code Kitchen Hackathon followed by the evening, river boat cruise along the Potomac. I especially look forward to hearing about the Women TechMakers gathered under the GDG Baltimore flag. #AndroidBBQ

The podcast will be published on the 8th.


#AndroidBBQ #BAMG #KiddoEMr


Episode 4: Healthy Tech Report with Dr. Joe Cohen

Dr. Joe Cohen is a Pediatrician and founder of kiddoEMR a pediatric practice technology platform. This episode and ones to follow, will focus on news and updates from the world of healthcare technology. Look for us every other week.

Google+ Page 

Show Notes:

Dr. Joe Cohen a techie pediatrician from Austin. Dr Cohen in addition to his practice, is the CEO of KiddoEMR, an electronic records system. In this podcast we discuss the DC and Alexandria,VA Big Android Meat and Greet and Code Kitchen events coming this weekend. We hear about an Indiegogo campaign for a bluetooth baby bottle, Dr. Joe’s Healthy app of the week. and other cool news and updates from the world of Healthy Tech.

BAMG and Code Kitchen both at http://bamg.ideaa.io/dc/ April 4 in Alexandria, VA

Baby Gigl Bluetooth, Baby Bottle Sleeve http://goo.gl/HUnBEX

Healthy Children is Dr. Joe’s App of the Week http://goo.gl/yuVHRR For IOS and Android from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Watch Society Conference 2015, April 29th Amsterdam http://goo.gl/1003LE

Google Wearables in Healthcare Pilot Challenge, Cambridge, MA April 23 http://goo.gl/iN1RYx

Don’s late winter cold is also discussed along with the media hyping of early cancer trials.